Riverhaven HOA

Meet the Board

Board Mission
The mission of the Riverhaven Board of Directors is to develop a sense of community, preserve the aesthetics and lifestyle of the neighborhood thereby enhancing property values and security of our community. As your Board of Directors, our mission is based up the following principles:

  • Demonstrate leadership, confidence and professionalism.
  • Provide an open forum for residents to come together to discuss concerns and interests.
  • To seek continuous improvements beneficial to the Riverhaven community and members.
  • We expect our fellow members to join and support our efforts to maintain high standards of the community.

Your Current Board Members

Board Member: Term Expiration:
Brenda Hettinger, President 2019
Mel Weinberg, Vice President 2019
Shannon Nolen, Secretary 2018
Cynthia Haggerman, Treasurer 2018
Maureen Morrell, Member at Large 2019

Board Documents

Quarterly Update Advertising Form

HOA Comparative Financials (2004-2009 Budget History)
2009 Approved Budget
2010 Approved Budget
2011 Approved Budget
2012 Approved Budget

Goals & Objectives
2008/09 Goals & Objectives: Report to the Homeowners
2009/10 Goals & Objectives Report

2011/12 Goals & Objectives Report
2012/13 Goals & Objectives Report

Landfill Gas Monitoring Primer
Riverhaven Cleanup Presentation (January 2009)