Riverhaven HOA


Arizona Fish & Game Tucson Office (wild life problems) 628-5376

Arizona Revised Statutes

Basha’s Swan & Camp Lowell (shopping cart pickup) (520) 323-5820

Building Permits City of Tucson, Development Services   (520) 791-5550 / https://www.tucsonaz.gov/pdsd/residential-permits

Code, City of Tucson, Arizona

Code Enforcement Violation Report City of Tucson, Housing & Community Development Department (520) 791-5843

  • Overgrown Weeds (over 6”)
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Excessive storage Vacant/boarded structure
  • Abandoned Waste

Dogs (barking, loose or neglected dogs)

Pima Animal Care Center, Tucson office (520) 387-7502

Drug activity 911


Illegal or Wildcat Dumps

  • In progress call 911
  • Pima County Department of Environmental Quality: 622-5800
    • If you hire someone to clean up your yard or haul your trash §  Hire a reputable contractor or a hauler with a permit §  Know your hauler’s name, address, and phone number §  Pay by check and get a receipt §  Ask for a landfill receipt before full payment.

Litter Hotline to report litter thrown from a vehicle Mosquito Hotline see West Nile VirusNoise/Big Party Complaints (Always follow through on a complaint concerning a loud party; if you cancel the call, no report will be filed.) 911 AND our association manager

Paradise Falls Community Garden: A group dedicated to the proposition that a community can come together to create and maintain a garden on Paradise Falls.

Police (Tucson Police Department)

Political Representatives


Riverhaven Group on Yahoo!

Street and Traffic Control Signs, City of Tucson, Streets & Traffic Maintenance Division

  • Emergencies: 911
    • Dangerous obstructions in roadways
    • Traffic or pedestrian signal malfunction
    • Traffic control signs missing or damaged
  • High Priority: 791-3154 or 791-3191
    • Traffic visibility problems resulting from trees or shrubs blocking the view of oncoming traffic
    • Damaged pavement markings: Striping, Crosswalks, or Legends
    • Median island problems such as overflowing water or damaged landscaping
    • Flooding in washes or in roadways
  • Normal Priority: 791-3154 or email to TDOTStreetsTrafficMaint@tucsonaz.gov
    • Potholes
    • Street sweeping
    • Repair of missing or damaged street names signs or other informational signs

Transportation Departments

Water main leaks, pipeline breaks (24 hour emergency), City of Tucson Water (520) 791-4133 / TW_Web1@tucsonaz.gov

West Nile Virus (Mosquito Hotline) Pima County Health Department (report mosquitoes, water standing for more than 3 days, neglected/green pools, etc.) (520) 243-7999

Sewer Bypss